Small Kitchen Remodel

So Janice Mc Carty, this interior designer I know, had a client with a limited budget and a small kitchen in the Beachwood Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills which she wanted to remodel. Janice came up with a basic layout and Greg Pickrel, the cabinet maker, did the Sketchup drawinngs of the new kitchen and cabinets. The owner had a few left over floor tiles from the last redo that we could use for patching. So all we really had to do was some new cabinets, some carpentry, a little plumbing and electrical and new tile counter tops. I took care of all that, and Janice arranged for her painter to doll it up. Lets take a tour.

Here is her link

the kitchen before we demoed it   proposed drawing of new kitchen

The existing kitchen was a hodge podge of different cabinets, shelves, etc.. The blue tape is where the designer wanted a cabinet. Here is the cabinet makers Sketchup drawing of the kitchen based on the designers sketchs.

looking at the kitchen from above

The beauty of Sketchup is it's ability to give you many views of the proposed project. It allows you to envision problems and solve them - in this case we found we had to widen the existing archway so it would be the same depth as the fridge and cover the end of the pantry.

the fridge doesn't align  
new kitchen and fridge

See how the fridge sticks out? These cabinets don't work well with it - the whole thing was awkwardly done. But now the kitchen works in that area.

kitchen and stove - before   the other side of the kitchen.

And this ...... Became this. See how much improved the kitchen is? She ended up with more cabinet space and a dishwasher as well. Nice!