Second Story Addition

This house in View Park area of Los Angeles south of Beverly Hills was designed by the famous architect Paul R. Williams. At one point in it's history, former President Richard M. Nixon lived there. The house had a small second story, consisting of a large attic, a small den and a small game room with a pool table in it. The owner wanted to do a major upgrade. He wanted a large family room, an exercise room, a den with a half bath and a full bathroom with a steam shower. One of the elements that was important to him was the look from the street outside resemble the original as much as possible. The architect had that clearly in mind with her design. In the collection of photographs below, you can see my execution of her design.

The work was done from January on, an adventurous time of the year to do a second story in Los Angeles. It was one of those years where it would rain, be dry for a couple weeks, then rain again. We did lots of tarping. It was also the year of the Rodney King beating verdict... we had a birds eye view of the city on fire... it was quite a memorable project in many ways.

The photos of the completed project by Kim Sze.

new second story addition   before the remodel

On the right is the original Paul R. Williams design. On the left is the new design that keeps the feel of the original.

billards table in new family room   old attic

You may not believe that this is the same room, but behind the pool cue cabinet to the left of the pool table is the chimney you see in the other photo.

new den with diamond lite window   game room and pool table

Here is the new den. Compare the new window to the old one. This used to be the game room. I did all of the rough and finish carpentry including all of the paneling.

the complete exercise room   original den

This exercise room sprung from the original den. It was state of the art when we built it.

book shelf next tothe Fredric Remington sculpture   this is before the library

My friend Richard Kolarik did all of the cabinets including this book shelf.

home bar in the den   modle train track

Let me tell you about the model train track in the top of the picture. The train track runs all around the billiard room, through the wall into the den, around the den, through the bathroom, and back down the hall into the billiard room. There are some switching areas for the second train, so one will make the circuit then stop and the other start automatically. I made all of the track shelving, tunnels and band sawed the supporting corbels. A model maker laid the track, built custom bridges, and the switch yards.