Second Story Over a Garage

Pam is a designer and her husband is a screen writer. They wanted a spectacular office for him to work on his screen plays and meet with producers, directors and talent. Also, it is a show case for her design work. The idea she came up with was a rec room over their Pacific Palisades garage. But she couldn't just go straight up. Because of the zoning code she had to hitch the building over closer to the pool. Next the lunacy of the LA building codes raised it's gnarled head - the height of the building was to be determined by the measuring from the bottom of the swimming pool. Some how they think it is a hill side. What a bunch of clowns. Sigh.

garage just before demolition

The garage before we start.

attack of the bobcat

Bobcat vs. garage! Bobcat 1 - garage -0!

the steel beams arrive   erecting the steel post

Your trusty photographer can't find any shots of the trenching, forming, rebar or concrete footings so he is forced to substute a shot of my guys and the steel fabricators delivering the steel beams. That thing is well over 700 lbs. Upsy dasiy! The one spanning 18 feet over the garage door is the really heavy one.

steel beam, rebar etc.   rough framing going up

After setting the steel and pouring the foundations and stem walls, compacting soil, framing the walls and floor above, we are ready to pour the garage slab. Then we go to town on the second story framing.

entry to the rec room   Luis and William

The entry way has some detail work done by your truly while Luis and William were hard at work. What they are doing is the backing for the T&G ceiling. In between those slats the sprinkl;er pipes and the rigid insulation is going to fit somehow. The whole idea is to gain every inch we can that we lost to mesuring the height of the building from the bottom of the swimming pool.

insulation in the walls   wall covered with brick veneer

The room is starting to take shape. The windows are in, the walls have been insulated. Check out the steel straps - they were hammered with ball peen hammers, and are not getting painted so they get a natural patina. We had some beam ends band sawn for that timber framing look. Then the back wall got a brick veneer and the hardwood flooring was installed.

balcony roof

Here's the balcony - you can see the roof has been done. 6 x 6 posts look so nice and hunky! How do you like the tails under the deck?

putty coat stucco

The stucco matches the main house - it is a sort of putty coat - not as smooth as a steel trowel finish so there is some light texture. The deck and stairs have been water proofed and are ready for the tile man to lay his tile.

stained roof beams

Just what every good screen writer needs to keep the creative juices flowing!

rec room over garage

Remember what it looked like before? Hiding under the vines? Good design work always complements the house.