A Second Story Bedroom Addition

What to do when the teenager is getting a bit too old to live in the same room as her younger sister and you have a nice master suite you don't want to give up? You go up. Or rather, she does. That is exactly what this family in Burbank wanted - a good sized room upstairs for their daughter that had future posibility for a conversion into a master suite. But they also didn't have a bottomless budget either, so they opted for a popular option I offer in my construction firm - a shell.

What I do to make a shell is - build the basic bare bones addition -including the demolition, concrete and foundation, rough framing and exterior window & door installation. So what I have built is the skeleton (or skellington if you read a lot of Dickens) - the concrete foundation, the wood walls, ceilings, roof etc Then you hire trades to do the rest. Some people want the shell plus the roof, insulation, stucco, drywall. There are many flavors but the concept is the same: I build the parts you don't want to and you do or hire some one else to do the rest.

Since this owner had done some previous remodeling, he was familiar with the process and had some subs that could do the stucco, roofing, heating and air, drywall and painting. He used some of the subs I reccomended - electrician, plumber and used the others he knew. By hiring them direct he saved on the markup I (or any other contractor) would charge. But he had the responsibility to hire and supervise them. In his case that wasn't a problem, but that route is not for everybody, many have too busy lives to then try and be a home owner contractor. For many it is simpler and better to hire a contractor and let him (or her) deal with schedluing, supervision, quality control etc.

before picture of the house the crew tearing off the roof the roof has been removed

So here is the house before.... during... etc. The photos of the foundation work were exceedingly boring, so I'll spare you those. Instead, here are my guys de-roofing the roof. Once it has been de-roofed...

installing new floor joists laying the new plywood floor

The new floor joists and floor beams go in. Then, after that is inspected and passed, we lay the plywood flooring. Then... Ooo - stairs.

where her bedroom will be more walls the roof is starting to go on

On the left - the teenager's dream - her own bedroom! In the middle is the new two story family room. On the left the roof on the front is happening.

the framing is being finished    

Now it looks like something!