Patio covers, trellises, gazebos, etc.

Here are several different patio covers, trellises that I have done . I wish I had photos of more of the different ones I did over the years but...

I can make these patio covers open to the sky or covered with a roof. The posts can be 4 x 4's - 6 x 6's or wrapped with wood, stucco or stone, however you like. The roof can be sheet metal, torch on, shingles, tile. I can put 1 x 6 or 1 x 8 tongue and groove boards above the beams for more interest. Where possible I can use concealed hardware. I can leave bolts exposed or I can sink them in the beams and plug them so you don't see them. If you have concern about rot happening from water soaking into cracks on the top of the exposed beams, I can put a small sheet metal cap to shed water off the beams. Otherwise you need to keep them maintained by staining or painting regularly.

I can get a variety of band sawing of knee braces and beam ends done so it doesn't just look like somebody simply wacked the end off with a saw.

Here are some examples of some patio covers and trellises I have done.

First I built this Mexican paver patio in Sierra Madre after building a balcony off the second story. Then the owners wanted a BBQ. I made it with wood and had it stuccoed. Several months later they had me come out and build this cover to keep all of the tree sap from gunking up the BBQ. I made the knee braces in a similar pattern to the balcony, and it is roofed with the same tiles as the main house.

trellis at entry way

This is part of a great room and dining room I built in Sherman Oaks. Since budget was a concern, we had saved the posts and beams from the earlier construction but there weren't any band sawn at both ends. So I made a template of the original design and had them sawn to match. The original was "L" shaped, but didn't work with the new design so I reworked it to this design.

patio cover off living room

Here is Luis and William working on a trellis we did in Studio City. The owner, an art director, made the design for the band sawing of the beam ends and the knee braces. They did not want to see any hard ware - some of it I had custom fabricated by a welder, some of it was the stock Simpson Strong Tie concealed hardware. All of the bolts were counter sunk and plugged.

knee braces

Here is another photo of the knee braces and the counter sunk bolts and concealed hardware. The band sawing was done proportionally depending on the beam size. How Luis got the fork lift to drive up the side of the trellis is beyond me - those tire tracks don't lie.

open beam trellis

This one I did in Beverly Hills is made from 4 x 12 beams - the band sawing was designed by the architect. The 4 x 4 posts are inside of the fiberglass columns. I made two of these, the other off the kitchen. I also built the two story living room addition and the master suite to the left

patio cover in Burbank

My customer in Burbank wanted to keep the hot afternoon sun from blasting his west facing family room every day. He also wanted it covered so parties wouldn't be spoiled by rain. As in most of the others I did concealed hardware. He and his wife picked out the band sawing design from a style sheet I had. They added roll down screens as a final defense against the sun a few days after this was taken. Looks nice.

trellis covered with t&g

Here is a shot of the patio cover showing the ship lap above the beams. We ran electric power in EMT piping close to the top of the beams so it wasn't obvious - it runs the ceiling fans as well there are additional outlets for x-mas lights etc.