Odds and Ends

Here is a bunch of different things I have done over the years.

unusable side yard   Keystone Country Manor

This is a wasted side yard in Alhambra, but with a little Keystone Country Manor block you now have a good planter for some veggies.

steel security gate   new TM Cobb entry door unit

Here is a unattractive entry in West LA. The steel gate had to go. We added a new TM Cobb entry door and side lite unit, and a new roofed overhang. We matched the siding, did T&G redwood over the exposed beams. A little paint and stain to finish it off.

old jalousie window   classic double hung

We did a window replacement in Eagle Rock - she had old jalousie windows which leaked like a sieve. She wanted period windows, we ordered replacement windows and sashes but left them empty. She took them to her local glass shop who installed the old style wavy glass. The we removed the jalousies and installed the new "old" windows with the classic lugs and 6 over one glazing.

bathroom from the 40's or 50's   new glass panel on bath pony wall

This was a small cramped bathroom - next to it's 4' square tub it had a full height wall which made it even worse. So for this bathroom remodel in Glendale, we cut down the wall, got rid of the old sink, tile and linoleum. Janice, the designer selected a japanese tile for the back splash over a Syndecrete counter top. She selected tumbled Travertine tile for the tub with inset key stones. The Syndecrete is custom made, so I made a template and they made it to fit.

abalone shells  
Here is a detail of the Syndecrete counter top - it is actually more tan than this picture shows and the chips you see are abalone shells. There is a sand finish wall paper next to it.

I did a small bathroom addition in Studio City. It has a granite counter top with double sinks, a 4' square corner shower, toilet and this tub in a alcove. Here is the tub and the paneling and moldings that I did around the tub surround. The addition was about 8' x 12'

tree broke the water main   trellis for the orchids

Once upon a time there was a over exuberant tree that broke the water main and flooded the crawl space before the plumbers fixed the leak. The poor tree had worn out it's welcome and departed to it's new home in a nearby land fill. But now the orchids that used to live under it were sad because all of the tree's shade was gone. What to do? Gerret to the rescue with a new trellis in front of this home in Alhambra. The orchids lived happily ever after.

basement laundry room   nice Ikia cabinet and sink

This is a bit like a horror movie - "I did laundry in the nasty basement" (blood curdling scream off screen) but with a happy ending. For this Hollywood Hills basement remodel we did a t-bar ceiling to cover all the pipes, build soffits to hide the ducts, put in a proper height door to the parking lot, and drywalled and painted the room.

before we renovated the basement   Ikia cabinets over counter top

We also put a new Formica countertop over the block wall, did some drywall,installed some Ikea cabinets and created a nice office for her design business.

we want to bury the paneling   new built-in shelves

Here is a quick fix for some ugly paneling - the designer had me build this display and drywall it using bull nose corner bead for a soft look.

pool deck with cracked,setteling concrete   new concrete pool deck

This pool deck had concrete that was cracked, settling, not to mention sections that were put in at different times and didn't match. We demolished all of the concrete, extended the deck to gain a seating area out beyond the pool, put down new rebar and poured a new slab. The owner replaced the leaking vinyl pool bottom with a new one and , Voila!

onyx cabinet doors   clear heart redwood gate

It is not often when you get to build cabinet doors out of Onyx. I made a marine plywood back with a welded stainless steel "L" frame. I had a welder weld a piano hinge to the stainless frame and screwed it to the plywood back. Gave the plywood a few coats of white paint. Then I took it to the stone guy. They painted epoxy on the plywood and set the Onyx in to the wet epoxy. When it cured, they wet polished it - which is why I used the marine plywood back. These doors weighed about 120 lbs each yet they closed so sweetly - you would never know how much they weighed. I built the cabinets and the barrel ceiling as well.

Another project on the same Manhattan Beach house was this gate. It is made from clear heart redwood - all of the slats go into mortises I made. There is a brass diagonal rod, threaded on the ends to keep it from sagging. The owner is a famous LA architect and he designed these goodies, and a lot of other things on the beach house like this 25' square saw tooth skylight.

big ass skylight

We made this up on his roof two stores above the stone courtyard. It is made from 4 x 12's, 4 x 6's and 4 x 4's with concealed and counter sunk bolts and hardware. It was glazed with 1/4" wire glass and copper flashings a few days later.