Master Suite Addition

The owner of this house that used to belong to Charles Bukowski's girlfriend in Silver Lake wanted to add on a good sized addition but ran into restrictions - if he added more than 750 feet he would have to pay for side walk improvements. Go figure how LA comes up with these odd building codes. His architect came up with a plan using various floor and ceiling heights in different rooms to make the addition feel larger than it actually is. That way he could add the maximum allowed and have the feel of a larger addition. Pictures of the foundation work by Rob Elk.

the west end of the building to be demoed more of the house to be demolished

The room and enclosed porch on the end of the California Bungalow were slated to go, along with the back of the main house.

using a bobcat to grade the foundation digging the footings retaining wall rebar

After demoing the back portion of the house, we used a bob cat to grade the area of the addition. Then we dug the footings, and laid the rebar.

Gerret pouring concrete next we lay the block after the block is filled, we lay the joists

After the rebar passed inspection, we poured the footingas. Next the block got laid and then filled solid with concrete and water proofed. Once we were "out of the ground", the framing got started.

This will become the office   looking at the new office and deck

So this is what it became, a bedroom and a porch was expanded into a master bedroom & bathroom, two closets, a laundry room, a guest room & bathroom and an office.

kitchen with concrete countertop windows with clear fir moldings small deck with storaage below

Here are the new FSC kitchen cabinets with a pre cast concrete counter top. The trim throughout the house is clear doug fir. For the handrails we did steel posts with Stainless Steel cables and a redwood cap. There is storage under the deck for gardening stuff that can get wet. The siding is Hardi lap siding with redwood trim around the windows and doors.