Expanding the Kitchen

This project in Mt. Washington was done in two phases. As you well know, where to live during a major remodel is always a battle. Do we put up with the dust, noise and disruption? Do we move out? Here is a really interesting approach to the problem. The first phase was to build a 3 bedroom, bathroom addition on the front of the house. Then the owners moved into the front. Then we tore into the back. On this project in concert with David Richter at CTL Construction, I did all of the demo, concrete, steel, framing and some finish carpentry. Sketch up drawings by Jesper Cook. Plans by Jan McCarthy.

Here is a link to CTL Construction - http://www.ctlconstruction.net/

new larger kitchen   plan showing new kitchen

The first thing is the plans. David worked this design out with the clients. Then Jan, his architect, drew it up and got the engineering done. To get this large room, we demolished the old sewing room, kitchen, dining room and living room.

fireplace to be demolished sewing room to be demolished dining room to go by by

All of these rooms had to go to make way for the new kitchen / great room.

after demoing the old kitchen digging the pads for the steel posts pumping the mud for the footings

Here you can see the green strings set where the kitchen counter will go. Since there is going to be a steel post there we have to set the forms quite precisely

jesper working on Sketchup steel post delivery raising the steel post

Here is CTL's superintendent Jesper fine tuning the Sketch up drawings of the new kitchen. These steel posts take 6 guys to carry them - they are quite heavy. The guy in the green - doing actual work for once - he is me, Gerret, the brains behind the operation. When the laughter dies down, you can look at the next photos.

sketchup model of kitchen   sketchup drawing from inside the kitchen

Here are a couple Sketch up Drawings of the new kitchen. In the original design the steel post was centered on the counter. When we showed the 3D Sketch up model to the owners, they said "Oh no. Can you move the post? It blocks our view of our guests." If you look at the plans at the top you can see the original placement of the post. You see the difference? That is how Sketch up can help avoid problems by helping all concerned visualize the project. So we reworked the placement of the posts with the help of the engineer and now it looks sharp.

new kitchen is complete

Here you can see how it all came out. They have a hot kitchen with a great view. Nice, huh?

the view looking out   here is a view looking from the kitchen