Hillside Half Pipe

So you say you want a half pipe, but you don't have a level lot. Well, this is where I can help you. There is this nice lady in the Pacific Palisades that wanted a half pipe for her kids. She has a sloping lot. What she wanted was a flat area for a full sized half pipe. "No problem" I said. What I did was make a level foundation and fill it with sand and gravel. The half pipe is made of wood, I used the sand and gravel to drain the water away from the wood. Another option which would have cost a bit more was to pour a slab on top of the fill.

back yard needs a half pipe

As you can see, the hill slopes about 2-3 feet where the half pipe goes. Not good! You need a level surface for a bitchin half pipe.

digging the footings

Yep, I did spray paint the grass. It helps the guys dig in the right place. Norega will dig till the cows come home, so this is an important step if you don't want to back fill what he over dug.

pumping in the concrete

See? Norega can dig like the wind! After building the forms we put in the rebar to keep it from cracking. Then pump in the concrete. Although you only need 2500 psi concrete I prefer 3000 psi concrete - it is stronger and cracks less. Next we trowel it smooth.

wacking the gravel

Here Luis is compacting the gravel with a vibrating plate.

half pipe in a box

These are heavy man - you need a few strong guys to get them down back to the pad. The kit she bought came from OC Ramps.com She got the large one.

screwing the ribs together

Here are Luis and Norega assembling the ribs.

attaching the plywood to the half pipe

William and Luis screwing down the plywood - it has a smooth resin/paper surface on it.

applying the skate paint

This Skate Paint is some tough stuff. The dried paint on the lid made the can impossible to open with out destroying the lid. You have to really work it in so it penetrates the top resin/paper layer of the plywood.

waiting for the paint to dry

Plan on roping the place off to keep the skaters from dropping in while the paint is curing. Her kids loved it by the way - duhh!!