Attic Conversion

Possibly you read the recent article in the Eastsider LA on line blogspot magazine about this local Echo Park Resarch library. If not, here is the link.

The remodeling work mentioned in the blog was done by my partners company, CTL construction. My role in the remodeling project was the demolition, excavation, forming, rebar, foundation and concrete work. I also installed the steel Hardy Panels and did all of the framing, the rough stairs, the skylight instlation and the finish carpentry. The custom stair case, it's paneling, stair treads and handrails CTL subbed out.

Here are some pictures of the remodel job we did at this Angeleno Heights home in the old house district near Echo Park. This house is over 100 years old, with wonderful tall ceilings, old moldings. The owners have a vast collection of historical books about Los Angeles, So. Cal etc. As mentioned in the article. they wanted to convert their attic into a proper research library. All of the books were crammed into the front room in stacks almost reaching the ceiling. The attic was an ideal place for the books to go - it was 14' high so there was plenty of room.

With plans in hand we went at it.

There was three or four phases to remodeling the attic A) the foundation and structural work of which I'll spare you the boring details, B) the stairs C) the attic conversion. D) There was some other stuff such as the skylights and renovating the old library- but B) and C) are what I want to focus on. Lets start with the stairs.

rough stair framing complete
paneling the stairs

Here is the rough stair framing complete. Not too much to look at, huh? One of the things that the customers wanted was the staircase to be done in clear doug fir, a wood used traditionally in old LA houses. It has a really nice color - a pretty grain structure - but when it decides to splinter, it can be a pain -literally.

stairs ready for the stain
  stained stair case
Oh la la! Check out that stain. Now for the attic conversion....
attic before we started   attic almost ready for drywall

This is the attic before we got going. It has an interesting history, back in the sixties a bunch of hippies would take some chicks up in the attic, put on some 16mm movies, get blasted smoking weed and make out... Now I ask you, is my generation any different than yours? We doubled up the old 2 x 6 ceiling joists with new 2 x 10 floor joists - covered them with plywood. Now we have something strong to stand on. Then we framed some knee walls, did a bunch of backing and cut in the skylights.

drywalling the attic   the windows get stained

Hanging the drywall - notice how the room looks bigger than when it was rough framed? There's the Queen Anne window I had made under the ridge. It's starting to come together.

the old cramped library   what the new library looks like
This cramped pile of books.....   Became this.....

looking at the landing

And this!