Jensen Recreation Center

The Jensen Recreation Center has been a fixture in the Echo Park area since the the late twenties. It is a historical building and my partner's company, CTL Construction, was awarded the contract to do the reno work on the first floor stores. Work was proceeding in good order until our superintendent was called away by other commitments and I was asked to pick up the reigns as the project manager. Over the next several months we worked to make the renovations as true to the period as is allowed in these sort of renovations.

We had salvaged several of the original windows, and though the lead H channels were shot, the 4 x 4 glass tiles were saved and incorporated into the design the Architect Chris Smith of Architectural Resources Group had created. The post caps for the stair case in 1700 were modeled on the originals as seen in the residential stair cases. The missing corbels were replaced by making molds of the original corbels with Abatron Mold making materials, then casting them, and attaching them to the building. Where possible, we reused copper window flashings we had salvaged during the demolition of 1700 in preparation for the massive steel moment frames we would install.

Where we did not have salvaged original materials to reuse, we had new wood moldings run by the world famous Paramount Studios Millworks. Similarly, we would use reed glass that was similar to the size of the double reeding on the original 4 x 4 glass tiles to give it a flavor of it's original style. There was much that went into the restoration of this grand dame to restore it to it's former glory.

Here is a great article about making the corbels that was featured in the Eastsider LA. It is a blogspot about the goings on in the Echo Park area.

cleaning the old glass tiles   sealing the gold leaf numbers

My worker cleaning the original 4 x 4 tiles that were buried beneath an old sign for who knows how many years. A local artist varnishing the new gold leaf.

after applying a coat of fireproofing on the steel.   the drywall is being taped

Here we are applying the fire proofing over the new steel. Next, the taping of the drywall is occurring. You can get a feel of how light and airy this room is.

new window before paint   whimsical hand rail support

Here is a clear shot of the new leaded art glass panels. The original 4 x 4 tiles are in the center, and a modern reed glass is positioned around them. The moldings are a stock redwood brick mold but the band sawn brick molding around the corbel was made by Paramount Studios Millworks. This whimsical hand rail support, was based on the motif of the iron work that was done in front of the residential entrance. The post cap was also made by Paramount.

the original terra cotta corbel   the molds and the newly cast corbels

Here is one of the original corbels. Using the Abatron Mold materials we made molds of the corbels. Then we cast new corbels to replace the missing ones.

Here is a great article about making the corbels that was featured in the Eastsider LA. it is a blogspot about the goings on in the Echo Park area.